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[05 November 2012 | 04:40pm]
here's to the only person who checks my livejournal!!!!!!!!!!! and i was looking through the photos where got "kiss you and take instead of smiling" >:(


may 27th 2011 [05 October 2011 | 10:45pm]
the day when everything changed.

[22 September 2011 | 06:52pm]
wow! i haven't wrote a public post in a really really long time!!

so here i am, week 9 of school, writing up my first post of year 3 sem 1 in uni............ this sem, we spent a lot of time hunting for food ^^ and since i'm done with muoss, i'm pretty free from school commitments! i always feel i should be more free than i am... but honestly i have no idea what i'm busy with! subjects that i'm doing semester have proven to be rather challenging >:( i've spent umpteenth times questioning why am i doing finance... why oh why?! till date, i've arrived at no conclusion. i can't even see myself in the corporate attire working from 8-5... the slightest thought of working depresses me. 

well, it's spring break right now and nigel dropped by for a short few days before heading off to NZ for the world cup, so i spent the past few days showed him around melb and victoria! i think the best part was discovering butterfly farm! it is the best B&B i've ever stayed in, and will be probably the best i'll ever stay in! i really hope to visit again!! also, we went to this animal farm, and i shall leave you readers with this hilarious picture of me! pretty candid and shows exactly what i felt when the horse gobbled up the food on my hand! the horse's tongue was HUGE and having that lick your palms, its was pretty nasty and uncalled for hahahahaha believe me i really wanted to smile and pose prettily for the camera!

23-26th will be spent at home, catching up on work (I HOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) and then it'll be cairns from the 27th!!!! I AM SO BLOOOODY EXCITED FOR CAIRNS!!! and may i not come back 5shades darker :(

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